The Compass Health Consultancy

We believe Patient and Healthcare Professional's Safety come First!

The Compass Health Consultancy is pioneering in consulting, training and coaching of healthcare professionals and organizations across the Middle East and Africa.

We understand the complex challenges that healthcare providers are facing daily across all
care settings; therefore, we invented state-of-the-art Safe Care Excellence Blueprint, which is designed to deliver values and elevate healthcare standards, practices and compliances.

Our team works closely with you to champion your vision by listening first and then applying their expertise. With our thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry, the international and local accreditation standards and recommended practices and guidelines, we apply our healthcare safety prescription P.I.L.L Framework to diagnose the gaps. Accordingly, we prescribe specific skills and innovative strategies, frameworks and solutions to help you produce a dynamic culture of health and safety in the workplace, elevate healthcare standards, increasing compliance and health outcomes to achieve our common goal of ZERO HARM.

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